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The End is Near...

Arsenal are being such epic failures right now. I think overall we had a really good season but it’s like they don’t even care anymore. I’m so ready for this season to be over.

I am also very proud of Valencia. I think they have been one of the most exciting teams in Europe this season. I really wish they were still in the EL.

 W/E I’m all a/t the WC2010 right now. I saw a few commercials and will be getting my new jersey soon. I still cant decide if I should get the blue or white.

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OMG Arsenal! They don't care anymore they completely gave up fighting after the game at Nou Camp! They had everything to play for in the league still and they crashed and burned like I knew they would, I was hoping they wouldn't though!

You're proud of Valencia and I'm proud of Inter. This was my first season really paying attention to them (you know I have to follow my boy Eto'o where ever he goes) and I liked what I saw all season. I'm convinced Arsenal needs a defender like Lucio next to Vermaelen!

I'm so ready for the WC I'm about to order my Dempsey shirt soon, I was all set to buy the blue away one but now I like the home shirt.

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