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I'm Not Yours

Everything IS Perfect Now

Qatar and Rambling
so qatar got the world cup.*sad face* i really wanted it to come to the us but i had a feeling it would go to qatar. i know a lot of people are moaning but i find it really interesting. i mean what is going to happen to qatar? i mean how is it going to change when it starts to interact with the western world so directly? what behaviors will the country adapt that was foreign to them before? how much will they change? how will other arab nations feel about qatar as they change? i think it is beyond fascinating. cheers to qatar, i really think they are going to host an amazing wc.
russia will do a great job as well. i think russia have the money and power to host a great wc. i wanted england to host but after the reaction to losing the bid i dont feel bad for them. i expect athletes to say stupid things because that what must athletes do but some of the journalist and pundits have been ridiculous. when it comes to football the english a lot of the time come off as arrogant and slightly xenophobic.
Arsenal drive me insane but i still ove them to pieces.
Giants drive me insane but i still love them. Jets have been so impressive.
off of football i really love the holidays. thanksgiving was amazing just my mom, sisters and me. xmas will have more family involved but i cant wait. so excited to get the tree. it is going to be a great xmas.