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I'm Not Yours

Everything IS Perfect Now

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I geniusly decided to take summer classes and have learned a few things about myself
1.       I kinda hate but kinda love history
2.       Chemistry is evil
3.       I rather take Morning/Afternoon classes than late afternoon/evening
4.       I just wrote a paper and I still have no idea a/t causation and determinism
5.       I can’t stop looking at my Professor’s tattoo, it’s huge
I have to do a lyric project for my Medieval English class. We have to pick a song, read it like a poem then look for the deeper meaning. The problem is I’m a huge fan of trashy pop music and I don’t think using Britney Spears “Break the Ice” is going to help.

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I found you on livejournal (I promise I wasnt stalking, it was the football slash community)
I was also a genius who took summer classes, I took 16 credits, I'm so glad its over.
How did the lyric project go? That sounds interesting.

P.S. Its Deidra :D

Hi Deidra!!!
I haven't talked to you in so long. How is everything?
Summer classes are the worst, but I have late classes so I'm there from 1-6. I'm so happy today is the last day.
The lyric project is a hot mess. It is suppose to be this big class wiki that we should be interacting with but it seems like everyone is doing their own thing. I couldn't pick a song because I love trashy pop music but I decided on "for blue skies" by strays dont sleep.
Are you taking classes in the fall?

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