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I'm Not Yours

Everything IS Perfect Now

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(no subject)

I suck at art.

I suck at French. I’m so bad I make Margo Martindale sound like a Parisian native. The weird thing is I don’t sound right speaking it and don’t really understand when I hear it, but I find it almost easy to read it.

I hate anthropology of sex…god it’s boring. Usually Anthro is so much fun but my professor just sucks all the interest out of the class.

OMG American History is interesting.

I love my new apartment, my room is huge. The only problem is too many people keep showing up unannounced.

I love Eduardo. I almost cried yesterday.

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Haha you and French sounds like me and Spanish!!

How in the world is anthro of sex boring?!!!!!

Congrats on the new apartment it sounds great. I want/need to move in the next few months :( I hate when people just show up.

I'm so mad I didnt get to see the arsenal fa cup game, it was great to see Eduardo back and scoring.

Anthro of sex is boring because she is boring. It was okay last time when we were talking about incest but as soon as it gets interesting she puts use to sleep. A lot of people have stopped coming and those that do come go to sleep.

Arsenal???? I hate how much I love them. I think they will end up in the top 4.

WTH is going on with Barca and where is Hleb?

Thanks a Gazillion for the card. =D

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