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I'm Not Yours

Everything IS Perfect Now

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Just why?
Finally stopped crying.
Just not fair.
Maybe, next year.

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I know exactly how you feel, as soon as the first goal came I had tears streaming down my cheeks.

I just cant believe it. I just want the day to be over. I dont want to think about it anymore. Come On Barca!!!
On a happier note only 2 days left!!!

I'm just so depressed! I didnt think this would happen, at all! Graduation isnt even getting me excited. I dont want another repeat of the CL from last year :(

Oh please god not another Man U v. Chelsea.
The first goal was so unfair, I feel really bad for Gibbs.
I have to give the team credit for where they got. They had to overcome a lot this season, they just couldnt get over the last hurdle.
I just saw Wenger's press conference and he was really honest about the performance. Hopefully he will thump Man U in the league and take awya their title.

i know. how you feel. i cant. just. sigh. sigh.

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