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I'm Not Yours

Everything IS Perfect Now

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It's Over!!!

On the last day of Colloquium in History and Biography my Professor said, “To the graduates…if we did our job right you will feel more stupid now than you did four years ago.” He is completely right as far as the Social Sciences are concerned.  It seems we have been taught that there are no answers to any question, just more questions.  For example, is sex natural?

When I now hear this question my first response is:

What is sex?

What is Natural?

Then the question is never completely answer because I can’t stop deconstructing the concept of sex.

History has made me sound a crazy person trying to explain why any event happened.  My cousin asked me why the civil war started, “is it because of the slaves?” My answer was yes and no, I then proceeded to give him a 20 minute history of the slave economy and its effects and treats (to northern industrial workers and the religious threat).  He looked at me very confused then announced he would look it up on Wikipedia…awesome.

I can’t believe it is over. Just three finals and I’m done…I can’t believe it.

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Awwww you're about to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I totally get you about the social sciences, I'm sure its even worse for you being a History major!

I'm like bursting. I cant wait until the 28th.

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