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Worst Graduation Ever!

My graduation was awful, it was the most miserable event I have ever attended.

When I left my house it wasn’t raining just a light drizzle and the weather report said the rain wouldn’t start until 1 so I didn’t bring an umbrella. When I got to the school they were giving us paper towel to dry the slightly damp seats, okay not a problem. As we start to march the light drizzle has turned into a light rain, at this point I start getting a bad feeling. As I get to my seat, I realize that it isn’t damp but soaked with a puddle of water in the center that has to be tipped over in order to dry it. The march has to be halted as all the graduates move the chairs which get tangled with the other chairs.

So we sit down and I can’t see anything because half of the grads have umbrellas, just perfect. Then it starts to pour but I was lucky because thus guy next to me had a huge umbrella that he held over the both of us, score. I was so happy until I felt the down pour from the umbrella of the girl in front of me. As her umbrella continued to drench my gown and dress the wind pick up deciding to drench my whole body, just perfect. By the 45 min. mark I notice during my shivering that half the graduates had left. I waited 15 more minutes to see if the speakers were going to cut their speech short, when I realized they weren’t I called my mom and told her I was ready to go.

The best thing about the graduation was this guy John, shouting to hurry up and that their are no jobs.

Thanks to my graduation I now have a cold. This has been the best week ever!!!


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Oh no!!! That sucks, it rained the day of my graduation too but luckily after my ceremony was over. Did you not get to walk across the stage then? :( I'm upset for you!!

Nope I didn't get to go on stage. They never had rain on a graduation and weren't prepared at all. My mom actually gave her umbrella to some guy with a baby so she got really wet. I'm just glad my Dad couldn't make it because it really would have been awful.
I was depressed at first but I saw the guy from pretty rickey and almost died from laughter. It really cheered me up.
BTW how happy are you about Barca?

That really sucks! Awww at least you are feeling better now! I'm so so happy about Barca the victory was even sweeter because most of the press didnt think Barca had a chance against the almighty Man U *rollseyes*

Henry finally got his CL medal now, I think he has won every big tournament now!


I'm sorry it was like that for you. :(

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