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I didn't think I was going to be able love a team as much as Arsenal yet I think my love for the US team may be equal. I'm so proud of them. They stepped up and showed so much hearts. I started crying watching them celebrate. Maybe now they will get a little respect. God I'm happy right now.

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I died. The USMNT has always been my #1 team and I am pretty much happier right now than I've ever been, I think.

I literally cant stop smiling.
I think Bob got the best F-day gift ever.

Oh, for real! I was talking about it before the game that if Mike scored even, it would be a great Father's Day gift for Bob, but a win and a goal AND going on to the semi-finals? Best gift EVER.

I so agree. I was so excited especially after Jozy scored!! I am so late with this but my laptop power cord was dead and I had to wait for a replacement. Final is tomorrow I can't wait!

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