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I Love Eli

It has been a few good weeks (in the sporting fan sense). Arsenal have been doing well (hopefully it will continue). The Giants beat the most overrated in the NFL (suck it hard Romo). The Giants defense has been beastly and Eli is still the most adorable thing ever.

Other than sports things have been okay. My wonderful was sick but she is better now (thank god). I wrote my personal statement and plan on attending the grad school open house.  I have to study for the teaching exam but the questions are so easy I really shouldn’t have a problem passing.

I really want a tattoo but I have two problems.

1.       I want a barcode on my wrist. I know it is stupid (big chance I will regret it)but I really want it.

2.       I have a very low pain threshold. I cry at paper cuts and bug bites bruise me…

Anyway the best show this fall is glee. Every week I get chills.


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Have you been watching Arsenal games these last few weeks?

Where are u applying to grad school at?

I LOVE glee so much its disgusting. I didnt think I would be all into this show like that!

Of course I'm watching Arsenal. Things are going much better this season than last season. I really hope we win the title...one game at a time.
Yeah I'm applying. I was going to apply in for Spring but I havent received one of the recommendations so I wont be able to complete the application. I'm going to apply for summer/fall.
OMG glee is so wonderful. I cried tonight watching it. I cant wait to buy the season on DVD. I bought "maybe this time" and cant stop singing and playing it. So awesome.

Arsenal have surprised me this season.
That sucks about the recommendation.
OMG I was a blubbering idiot Kurt's dad is so awesome and Sue is surprising! Girl I have so many of those songs, I could upload some for you.

Also have u been watching sytycd?

I love SYTYCD. I really like Russell and his partner (what is her name)? I like Jakob and Ashleigh she seems really misunderstood. My fav girl is Ellenor. She is so quirky and unique. I think this season is much better than last season. Some of the people in the sytycd comm. complain so much. It is kinda annoying.
Who are your favs?

haha Noelle

I love Russell, Karen ( she is so sexy I have a total girl crush!)and Ellenore. I'm so shocked that I don't like Jakob more, I always love contempo boys but I don't love him, its weird. I realize he is amazing and I like him but I'm not invested in him.

haha that was supposed to be a reply!

At first I wasnt feeling Jakob either but I totally fell for him during the Mandy Moore routine.

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