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It's Over!!!

On the last day of Colloquium in History and Biography my Professor said, “To the graduates…if we did our job right you will feel more stupid now than you did four years ago.” He is completely right as far as the Social Sciences are concerned.  It seems we have been taught that there are no answers to any question, just more questions.  For example, is sex natural?

When I now hear this question my first response is:

What is sex?

What is Natural?

Then the question is never completely answer because I can’t stop deconstructing the concept of sex.

History has made me sound a crazy person trying to explain why any event happened.  My cousin asked me why the civil war started, “is it because of the slaves?” My answer was yes and no, I then proceeded to give him a 20 minute history of the slave economy and its effects and treats (to northern industrial workers and the religious threat).  He looked at me very confused then announced he would look it up on Wikipedia…awesome.

I can’t believe it is over. Just three finals and I’m done…I can’t believe it.

Just why?
Finally stopped crying.
Just not fair.
Maybe, next year.

Procrastination Ramble

My brain feels dead. I think it’s from studying for so many midterms. Thank god I only have one left. I had a Sister Day with my older sis which was really fun. We had brunch, went to the movies and went art supply shopping. I Love You, Man is super funny. I can’t wait to see 1 BC, it looks hilarious.

I’m doing better in French which makes me happy.

One of my art projects got put on display.

Anthro still suck, I really hope I did well on the midterm.

History is going good, still need to do my paper on the Salem Witch Trail.

I need to step it up in Social Psych.

I need to finish studying for Psych and do my reading for History and finish my painting and do my reading for Anthro.


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I suck at art.

I suck at French. I’m so bad I make Margo Martindale sound like a Parisian native. The weird thing is I don’t sound right speaking it and don’t really understand when I hear it, but I find it almost easy to read it.

I hate anthropology of sex…god it’s boring. Usually Anthro is so much fun but my professor just sucks all the interest out of the class.

OMG American History is interesting.

I love my new apartment, my room is huge. The only problem is too many people keep showing up unannounced.

I love Eduardo. I almost cried yesterday.

cesc free


2008 was a good year for me but mucho stressful. This is my last semester and I’m going to enjoy it. I have no idea what I am going to do after I graduate. I think I am going to take a break from school and just travel…I wish. I’ll probably just get a job and then go for my masters in guidance. I know that may seem strange because I am getting a degree in History but I don’t want to go into law or scholarship. I wouldn’t mind teaching but I think I really like the idea of being a guidance counselor.

I’m so glad I have a month off before classes start.  It gives me time to veg out my over processed brain. I will be moving (which I hate) but it may be a fun adventure (I’m trying the glass is ½ full ideology).

My New Year's Resolution is to:

Be more daring. I want to be less Hamlet more Laertes.

Stop Stressing. Let life happen.

Be healthier.

The Love Song

For three weeks I had the Coors Light commercial from a few years back stuck in my head. I would wake up singing it but I only knew the part “…and Twins.” I finally found the stupid video on YouTube and I somehow built it up to be this great moment... it wasn’t. 

 I just watched A Moment to Remember…wow. The movie is great, I sobbed for an hour while watching it and an half an hour after it finished.  Jung Woo Sung is my favorite actor of all time. He stars in three of my top five movies of all time: Daisy, Sad Movie, and A Moment to Remember.




I geniusly decided to take summer classes and have learned a few things about myself
1.       I kinda hate but kinda love history
2.       Chemistry is evil
3.       I rather take Morning/Afternoon classes than late afternoon/evening
4.       I just wrote a paper and I still have no idea a/t causation and determinism
5.       I can’t stop looking at my Professor’s tattoo, it’s huge
I have to do a lyric project for my Medieval English class. We have to pick a song, read it like a poem then look for the deeper meaning. The problem is I’m a huge fan of trashy pop music and I don’t think using Britney Spears “Break the Ice” is going to help.

I'm confused on how to feel about Arsenal. I feel bad for them 
that their season is coming to an end and they keep on drawing. 
They were so close to winning the title and now...not so much. No
one believed in them and were saying that they weren't even going 
to be in the big four this season. Now people are calling for Arsene
Wenger's head because they might not win anything this season. 
The saddest part is the fans have no faith. 

I dont know anyone who watches soccer. I just happened to be channel 
surfing and was Arsenal playing and it was love at first sight. I think it is
okay to state the faults of your team but to bash them harsher than their 
critics is a problem. I hate when Arsenal dont win but I think they will win
the next game. I hope they win the CL, that would just be so amazing. They
have played so well this season they deserve some silverware. Come-On 
Arsenal, you can do it.

BTW I am so proud of Theo Walcott. He really has stepped up this season.
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Writer's Block: Meaningful Words
What is your favorite quote? And why?
"Pass Da Soy Sauce!" I love this quote for three reasons:
1. I love Soy Sauce
2. I heard it during one of the happiest time in my life
3. It means to live life with variety but not alone

Arsenal Fan

I am so disappointed with Arsenal Fans. I am shocked by how pessimistic you guys are.
I know ur disappointed with the fourth draw but where is ur faith in ur team. I know they
are behind Man U. but the title race isn't over. I know things will get better but no one
has faith in them and it's sad that their fans don't either. Goodness where is ur faith?



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